Pictures of the Brown Family

I have created this page of pictures of the Brown family. One of my rules of genealogy is never to list the names of living people or to post pictures of the living.

Grover aka “Beau,” Pearl and Ruth at a family reunion in 1984.
Jasper and Effie Brown at their home in Cobb County in 1952.
My great great grandfather and grandmother, John and Martha Brown and their daughter Sophire.
Effie and Jasper Brown with grandsons at their home in “Happy Hollow” in Paulding County.
Grover “Beau” Brown around 1985
Close Up of my Great Great Grandfather John Brown
Aunt Mary Russ
Uncle Winslow Russ and Aunt Mary shortly after they married in Florida
Grover “Beau” Brown at home on leave.
“Beau” and Ruth around 1953
Peter Kassars, Sr, Peter Kassars, Jr and Lucy Kassars
Jasper Brown and Lizzie Hardman
Dillard and Ellar Brown in 1963
Rebecca Caroline Brown Seymore, my great grandfathers sister
Dillard Grover Browns World War II Registration Card.
Dillard Goss Brown’s WWI Registration Card
Saphire Brown Seymour, Daughter of John and Martha Brown. As a child, she is in the picture with John and Martha Brown.