Abraham Brown I

Our first immigrant ancestor was Abraham Brown I. There is some question as to whether Abraham was born in Scotland or Ireland, but my research concludes that he was born in Scotland in 1700. Abraham’s wife’s name, according to most genealogical records was Margaret. However, the truth is that we do not know her name.

While I cannot prove it or know for sure, I personally believe that Abraham Brown was on board the George and Anne that sailed from Ireland. Many of the Scots went to Ireland before immigrating to the Colonies. Our Brown’s were part of that Scots/Irish immigration.

According to George Brown, Abraham and his wife were part of a group of Scots Covenanters that immigrated from Scotland to find “religious freedom” in the Colonies. I have slight doubts as to whether or not Abraham and his wife were actually Covenanters, but it is as likely as any other scenario.

The following website from Charles Clinton’s Journal shows the names of some of the passengers on board the George and Ann. I believe that the James Brown who died on board the ship was the father or the young son of our immigrant ancestor Abraham Brown.


Abraham and “Margaret” had two children that are recorded:

  1. Abraham Brown, II born 1730 in Woods Creek Virginia – died in 1785 in Montgomery County, Virginia.
  2. Cornelius Brown, birth year unknown but probably 1731 or 1732. Cornelius died in Congee County, South Carolina around 1793.

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