Abraham Brown & Rebecca Harbin

In some ways Abraham Brown and Rebecca Harbin have been the most difficult to trace. While they lived in Elbert County and were rather prominent, their records end in Elbert County with the disappearance and apparent death of Abraham Brown. They next time we find Rebecca Brown, she is living in Campbell County, Georgia near her son Middleton W. Brown.

Abraham Brown was born in Virginia in 1778. We do not have a death date for Abraham but a few sites that are maintained by people claiming to be family say that Abraham died in 1842. His wife Rebecca Harbin was born in 1787 in South Carolina. Her death date has been listed at 1861. The following children were born to Abraham Brown and Rebecca Harbin:

Matilda Brown
Julie Ann Brown b: 1 FEB 1805 in Elbert County, Georgia
John Brown b: 26 MAY 1808 in Georgia, USA
Middleton W. Brown b: 1811 in georgia, USA
Elizabeth E. Brown b: 12 FEB 1818
Sophia Brown b: 25 JUL 1820
Sarah A. Brown b: 1822 in georgia, USA
Abraham ( Abrom) G. Brown b: 1825 in Georgia, USA
Elzaphan J. Brown b: 1827
Marshall H. Brown b: 17 MAR 1831


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