John Brown & Martha (Patsie) Eaves

John Brown was born May 26, 1808 and died September 7, 1886. John married Martha Eaves on April 1, 1830. John and Martha lived in the section of Elbert County called “Goshen.” It is near where today’s Rehoboth Baptist Church stands. Both John and Martha are buried at Rehoboth Baptist Church.

Here is the information as it is given in the 1850 census of Elbert County, Georgia:

J Brown42
M Brown43
J Brown19
R C Brown18
M J Brown14
M Brown12
L E Brown10
J H Brown8
A Brown6
J Brown4
E Brown2
E Eayres30

This list includes John and Martha Brown and their children born before 1850.

Death Certificate for John and Martha’s daughter Mary E. Brown Seymour.
John Brown and his wife Martha “Patsie” Brown and daughter Sophire Brown

John and Martha Brown lost three sons in the Civil War:

  1. Ira W. Brown born 1843 in Elbert County, Ga; Died September 26, 1862 in the Civil War Hospital in Lynchburg, Virginia at the age of 19.
  2. James Franklin Brown born 1835 in Elbert County, Ga; Died in 1962 in Virginia.
  3. Middleton P. Brown born 1840 in Elbert County, Died December 14, 1862 in the Civil War Hospital in Staunton, Virginia. Buried in Thornrose Cemetery in Staunton.