Jasper A Brown and Effie Teressia Hart

Jasper Aaron Brown and Effie Teressia are my grandfather and grandmother. Jasper Brown was born in Elbert County Georgia on June 15, 1880 and died August 28, 1964. Effie Teressia Hart was born January 11, 1877 and died July 30, 1952. Jasper grew up in Elbert County, Georgia and left there sometime before 1900 when he was 18 years old. Some census records and other records indicate that Jasper was actually born in 1880.

Jasper’s father William Abe (Abram) Brown died in 1896 when Jasper was sixteen years old. As mentioned above, Jasper left Elbert County before his 18th birthday because he shows up in the 1900 federal census in Paulding County, working as a border on the farm owned by Mary Wheeler. Jasper and Effie were married in 1907, so it would have been seven years after he arrived if he arrived in 1900. We will probably never know for sure. Some family legends say that Jasper exited the train in Dallas and immediately saw his future wife and that they married quickly. Based on census evidence, this is probably not the case.

Jasper Brown and Effie Hart Brown, at their home in Cobb County, Georgia sometime in the 1950’s and likely around 1950 or 51.
Jasper Brown and Effie Hart Brown’s marriage License, issued the 15th of July 1906.

Jasper and Effie had the following children:

  1. Lucy Dora Brown September 10, 1908 – March 24, 1936
  2. Vella Ruth Brown May 9, 1911 – October 31, 1989
  3. Mary Sue Brown August 31, 1913 – September 15, 1963
  4. Jasper Jordan Brown January 8, 1915 – January 9, 1976
  5. Nancy Pearl Brown March 17, 1917 – May 26, 2003
  6. Dillard Grover “Beau” Brown January 14, 1919 – April 18, 2000

Effie Brown died at Emory Hospital in Atlanta on July 30, 1952. At some point, before Effie died, Jasper and Effie and their youngest child Dillard “Bo” moved to Cobb County, Georgia. In subsequent years, Jasper and “Bo” lived in Cobb County where “Bo” married and lived with his wife and later their son, along with Jasper. Around 1955 Jasper’s daughter and son-in-law moved Jasper to their newly built home in Douglasville. It was that Jasper lived until his death in 1964.

A. Lucy Dora Brown married Peter Kassars.

Lucy and Peter had the following children:

  • Peter Kassars Jr. April 8, 1933 – June 12, 2002
  • Constantine Kassars January 8, 1936 – October 3, 2008

B. Vela Ruth Brown married Henry T. Jackson

Vela and Henry T. had the following Children:

Howard Jackson September 9, 1933 – March 6, 1996

C. Mary Sue Brown married Winslow Russ on March 11, 1939.

D. Jasper Jordan Brown married Sylvia Nation

E.Jordan Brown and Sylvia Nation had three children.*

F. Nancy Pearl Brown married Ivory Ellis on January 22, 1939*

G. Dillard Grover Brown married Frances Martin.

“Beau” and Frances had one child. *

*Note: I have opted to leave the names of living children off of this website. I also have not listed anyone more recent that my own generation.

*This information was in a post on Ivory Ellis on MyHeritage.com.