Generational Overview

This is an overview of the generations of the Brown family. This particular overview shows the specific parents who were the ancestors of each succeeding generation. As you can see, we have traced the family back to 1540 in Fife, Scotland. I have done extensive research on the first three of the generations and there is only a bit of information about them. In genealogy, that can change quickly, so I frequently do research of some kind. I am particularly interested in researching the first three, and of course, I will share it here when I find new information.

John Brown 1539, Fife, Scotland                            Jonat Walker 1540, Fife, Scotland Married in 1568.

Andrew Brown 11/17/1568, Fife, Scotland       Margaret Edmond 1568, Fife, Scotland

George Brown May 8, 1627- No Death Date     Cicell Watson  Feb. 1625, No Death Date

John Brown  1640  Wamphray, Dumfries, No Death Date,Scotland; Rebecca Denholm    1642 Lasswald, Midlothian, Scotland No Death Date. John and Rebecca married in Dalkieth, Midlothian, Scotland on May 8, 1660. This particular John Brown was banished to Hollard before 1666 for rebelling against the Crown in England and for being a Scots Covenanter.

James Brown  Sept 27, 1665, Dakieth, Midlothian, Scotland, d  March 18, 1711, St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Scotland; Jannatt Gray  May 6, 1670 Newbattle, Midlothian Scotland, d.  March 18 1711 St. Cuthberts, Midlothian, Scotland. Jannatt was the daughter of Abraham Gray and Jenet Masson. Married to James Brown on August, 17, 1689 at Newbattle,e Midlothian, Scotland.

Abraham Brown  April 19, 1702, Dalkieth Midlothian, Scotland d. 1784 Near Lexington Virginia; Margaret J. Henderson 1700 Scotland or Ireland  d, 1764 Augusta, County, VA. Married on September 15, 1723.

Abraham Brown 1730 Scotland   d 1785, Montgomery County, VA; Margaret Kirkham   Feb 14, 1735 Augusta County, VA. Died 1803 Montgomery County, VA

Robert Brown  ABT 1757 Augusta County, VA   d. Before July 1801 Elbert County, GA; Cathrine Brown  1762 Augusta Virginia,  d.  Before Mar. 6 1843 Monroe County, GA

Abraham Brown  1778  Augusta County, VA,   1850 Georgia; Rebecca Harbin     1787 South Carolian    d 1863, Campbell County, GA

John Brown May 28, 1808, Elbert County, Georgia died; September 7, 1886 Elbert County, Georgia, Martha Eaves December 8, 1806 Elbert County Georgia, died December 20, 1874.

William Abram Brown born 1844 in Elbert County, Georgia, died 1896, Elbert County Georgia. Nancy C. Jordan, born 1842 Elbert County, Georgia; died 1884, Elbert County, Georgia

Jasper Aaron Brown June15, 1880, Elbert County, Georgia, died August 28, 1964, Douglas County, Georgia; Effie Teressia Hart, January 11, 1877, died July 30, 1952.